Worship is the purpose of the Christian life and journey. It is not merely an activity confined to a specific time and place on a Sunday morning. It is a way of life, an active response to the saving grace and amazing love of God.


Worship assists us in developing a more profound spirituality and purpose and enables us to experience the presence of God and respond to His love. 


Our regular Sunday morning worship services are the starting points of our faith journey. They are designed to uplift, instruct, encourage, and provide a platform for service to God and others. They are a model for how we interact with the Lord on a daily basis. Each service is supported with lively praise music, including vocal and instrumental selections, shared by gifted musicians. There are prayers of praise, thanksgiving, and intercession. The focus is on the Word of God, which is central to all that we do. Scriptures from the Old and New Testaments are shared, and a teaching or sermon firmly based on these scriptures is offered. The messages are Biblically based and culturally relevant. Care is taken to ensure that each service is personal and intimate. An essential value at First Presbyterian Church is that we are highly relational. Our worship reflects that value.


We frequently celebrate The Lord’s Supper (Communion), particularly during special liturgical seasons, including Advent, Epiphany, Lent, Pentecost, and World-Wide Communion. Other special observances are also marked by the Lord’s Supper, as directed by the Session. When the Sacrament is observed, it is shared at both the early and later services. There are no restrictions on who may celebrate Communion at First Presbyterian Church of Murrysville. All are welcome at the table of our Lord. The Elders of the church individually serve each person in worship the elements of Communion at their seats, reminding us of the incarnate Christ, who came and dwelt among us. Our leaders serve the elements as a symbol of God’s call to servant leadership. We ask that everyone holds the bread and wine until each person is served so that we celebrate in Communion not only with the Lord, but with one another. 

St. Andrew Sunday

November 21, 2021

Saint Andrew Sunday is celebrated in November with special worship services during the normal Sunday schedule. Saint Andrews Sunday lifts up the Scottish Heritage of the Presbyterian Church, and includes special music, prayers and liturgies unique to the Presbyterian tradition. The service also features a bag piper, complete in appropriate attire, and a fellowship time after the later worship offering authentic Scottish recipes.

We will also have a full communion service at both worship services on this Sunday, and we will provide the communion elements to those who continue to worship from home.

For 2021, Saint Andrews Sunday is November 21.

Advent/Christmas Eve

First Sunday of Advent: November 28, 2021

Advent generally begins the first Sunday of December. The focus of this four week season is the expectation of coming of the Christ Child. At First Presbyterian Church, we have a tradition of ushering in this season with the presentation of the Peace Light. The flame is actually transported from the Grotto of the Nativity in Bethlehem and is used to light our Advent Wreaths in both Laird Hall and the Church Sanctuary. This Wreath is lighted each week during Advent at the beginning of the service. Special music and Carols are part of the Advent experience, and the whole season culminates with the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. This traditional worship is a very moving experience that takes place in the Church Sanctuary.   

The First Sunday of Advent in 2021 is November 28.


Next Full Communion Service: February 21, 2021

The next full communion services will be on Sunday, February 21, 2021 during both worship services.  Communion elements will be delivered to our members and friends who continue to worship from home.  Please look for additional details in the near future.