Congratulations to our sisters and brothers at the Sewickley Presbyterian Church in West Newton who were recognized at the January meeting of Redstone Presbytery for their outstanding efforts in redeveloping and revitalizing their congregation. As a result of their partnership with the First Presbyterian Church of Murrysville, the Sewickley Church was able to move from sustainability to viability in a matter of 5 years. Once down to only a handful of members and two active elders, they began a faith journey with a Lay Pastor Candidate, Karen Kifer, who faithfully lead the congregation while completing her training and education as an intern at First Murrysville. Working closely with Rev. Gray and Elder Rick Pry, Karen received her Commission as the CRE at Sewickley and, thru the power of the Holy Spirit, has led the congregation to a place of amazing strength. Now a thriving ministry with weekly Bible studies and strong ties to local ministries, over 70 people worshipped in the sanctuary Christmas Eve 2023. The leadership core now being strong, two new Ruling Elders were ordained at the close of 2023, and the Session of the Sewickley Church was reconstituted this year. As a result, Redstone Presbytery was overjoyed to dissolve the Administrative Commission they had established to manage the affairs of the church and officially return to them the Minute Book and Church Register as a formal gesture re-establishing the Session as the leader of this congregation. Pictured are Pastor Karen and Rev. Gray, celebrating this historic moment.

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Rev Ed - square

Rev. Edward Gray


Ruth at organ 10-20-19

Ruth Poscich


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Karen Langston


Linda Kovac

Linda Kovac


Eddie Gray

Eddie Gray